Played on: PS Vita*
Available on: PS4/PS Vita
Released On: October 7th, 2014
Developer: Pasta Games
Publisher: Pasta Games
Genres: Arcade
ESRB: E – Everyone
Modes: Singleplayer, Leaderboads
Distribution: Download

*Review copy was free with October PS Plus free games*

Earlier this week, we had the October release of the PS Plus free games. Although we didn’t get Driveclub for PS Plus we did get a couple awesome game. One that caught my eye among the lot was Pix the Cat. Here is my review about it.


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You play as Pix the Cat, so far so good. Your mission is to capture eggs which transform into ducklings and drop them in the locations on that level. The trick is to collect all the eggs before dropping them. If you hit a drop zone before getting all the eggs, you break your combo. As you move in levels, they get more complex and your speed picks up. Getting perfect levels also gives you speed and bigger combos.

Furthermore, you have to make sure you don’t hit the walls or your tail because that also breaks your combo too. Later in the levels, you  have to watch for enemies and bombs. There is challenges to complete to get unlockables like concept art, different in-game voices and you also unlock more areas.

The game reminds me of a mix of Pac-Man, Snake and a couple other games which is a awesome concept. Going from level to level is done in a nice original way. You can see you next level on the present level you’re playing on and when you complete the level, you unlock the next. You move to the transporter and you go on to the next. What you have to keep in mind is that you are not locked in that level, you can go back and forth in between levels which you need to do sometimes.


Labyrinth mode is one feature you can unlock in the game. This mode works by picking up smiley faces and dropping them in the drop spots. The different with this mode is when you move in a direction, you keep going until you hit a wall. Also, you can’t hit a drop spot before collecting all smiley faces and you have a preset number of moves you have to do it in. This mode is quite amusing and offers a good challenge .


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Another mode that you unlock is Nostalgia mode. You play as Pix’ ancestor and your goal is to pick up a preset amount of eggs without crashing in your tail. Furthermore, This mode has a time bonus if you collect all the eggs in time. This is another great addition to the game that offers a great experience with a few mind boggling situations.


The sound effects are mesmerizing and nice addition to the game. You get a voice telling when you get combos or when you break them. The music gets you in the mood to play more but doesn’t go over the top like other games like this one. Nostalgia mode has an old timely music to go with it and adds a great playfulness to the game.


Pix the Cat is a very flashy game when it comes to visuals and it does it right. The effects when you transfer from levels is ingenious and when picking up eggs are also great. Nostalgia mode has the look and feel of an old time movies with the screen flickering and how the cat looks is pretty nifty. The art style looks authentic and fun to look at. My only complaint would be that some details are small when playing on the Vita.


The game is addictive and you can easily lose track of time. I played the same level 20+ times just so I can beat my highscore. I’m usually not a big fan of these type of game but this one has definitely caught my eye and i will play it again for sure. It looks and feel unique. It’s a great game on the go and there is definitely a replay feature to it.



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