Here is a good head scratcher for the fans of Doctor Who. This week, we get to travel to the Moon and find out the secrets that lay within it with an episode named “Kill the Moon”.

We are taking on an adventure to the Moon with the Doctor, Clara and one of her students. They are faced with an invasion of some sort and trying to see what happened to the other team from 10 years or so before them. What they discover puts them in an life changing division that will put there whole morals into question and also some friendship.

I didn’t quite get the beginning at first but after a while it was quite clear that this was going to change thing in this season. The show felt stressful, in a good way. We really see in this episode that the Doctor wants the humans to take the right decision when it comes to the Moon’s future. There is a lot less jokes in this episode then the other ones. The only other thing I found weird was Clara’s student being there. There didn’t seem to be any valid reason except being a nuisance to the situation.

The episode was a very big change of pace compare to older ones. It was still a good episode with a very serious tone which I feel w are getting the entire spectrum of emotion and so far it works well. Worth the watch for sure.

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