I’m a bit late on this one but better late than never. This episode of Doctor Who has less time and space travel but more weird behavior from the Doctor which we love. Here are my impressions on “Caretaker”.

Clara tries to manage travelling with the Doctor and creating a bond with Mr.Pink. Weird tans and wet hair on a sunny day is making Danny a bit confuse but Clara always has the right excuse. At one point, the Doctor tells Clara he needs to go on an adventure alone, but she soon realizes that he’s going “undercover” at her school as a caretaker. Soon wakey events start to happen and the doctor has some explaining to do Clara.

I really liked this episode because you get more serious weirdness from from our protagonist and gives you a quick chuckle once and a while. His goofy attempt to “disguise” himself as the caretaker by just switching out his coat was amusing and him trying to convince Danny he’s a P.E. teacher and not Maths teacher was time well spent.

Amusing as it was, our monster in this episode was secondary and I didn’t feel an urgency to deal with this situation even if the Doctor made it feel that way. Also, our antagonist was a nice counterpart for this episode but was dealt with too quickly for my taste.

This episode was, I would say, a middle of the pack type of episode but still worth the watch. It makes you laugh and it makes you think. Give it a watch and tell me what you think.

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