Rockstar Games offers us another update for the online portion of GTA V called The Last Team Standing update. It give access to new tactical gear, high-performance vehicles and powerful weaponry. This update also adds features to the creator and 10 new jobs across Los Santos and Blaine County. This update is available now on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Here is a list of the new items available:

Powerful Weaponry:

-Heavy Shotgun
-Marksman Rifle

High-Performance Vehicles

-Shitzu Hakuchou
-LCC Innovation chopper
-Lampadati Furore GT

Tactical Gear
Gear includes but not limited to masks, tops, bulletproof helmets.

Another feature announced by Rockstar are Forced Weapons and Rounds. Forced Weapons will allow job creators to make some of them, like Rockstar’s example, snipers only which will allow hours just like GoldenEye did in the N64 days. Also available are rounds in captures and last team standing jobs.

All these thing are added to the already awesome collection that Los  Santos has to offer, but other GTA V owners are still wondering where are the heists? Rockstar keeps telling us coming soon. My guest is that we will maybe see it when the PS4 and Xbox One comes out but this is just one man dreaming of GTA V future to come…

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