It is time once again to go Timey Wimey with the Doctor and Clara in the fifth episode of the season ” Time Heist”.

In this episode, they are called upon to steal from the most secure bank in its galaxie but the only problem is that they don’t know what it is they are robbing or how they will do it. At the same time , they try and not get caught my the bank teller, a unique creature of its kind that can read minds and melt brains into soup. The heist will take them all throughout the bank and make them find a way to the main vault with the help of the only person that orchestrated all of it, the Architect.

This story is filled with twist and turns. This has more to offer than the previous episode which was confusing. The Doctor plays a fantastic role and takes command of the ship which is quite refreshing compare to past episodes. Clara plays a nice companion this time around and doesn’t overpower the Doctor.

The whole premise of this episode is well outlined and offers a different stride. It also as a great tempo and doesn’t leave anything to confusion. The other supporting actors play wonderful roles and doesn’t overshadow our main protagonist. Like always, Doctor Who is made, for the most part, to make you think and this on offers exactly that. We still get an interesting Capaldi Doctor and, in my opinion, makes you forget the Smith era.

Yet this episode is just fluff again, it is still very entertaining and is a great addition to the Doctor universe.

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