Ready to get your spook on? Of course you do! This week, we have for another episode of Doctor Who by the name of “Listen”.

We start off with the Doctor in the Tardis theorizing, in the third person, about if we are really always alone. If there is a specie that is the ultimate hiding expert. This brings Clara and the Doctor on adventure thru time and space to find the monster under the bed. The Doctor’s theory is everybody has the same “dream” of something grabbing there leg. We soon find out that nothing is what it seems.

I really liked this story right up to the event where they go to the past to see a young Rupert Pink(you will understand who he is when watching this episode). After this scene, the story become a bit disjointed and hard to follow. There is a big built-up going towards the end, but really falls flat and makes this story more of a fluff episode than anything else. They try to make a reference to a recent season 7 episode, but it feels like there is not point to do so.

Once again, we have the impression that the Doctor takes a secondary role next to Clara, which she is commanding her role beautifully. But that’s the rub, she’s too commanding and frequently tells the doctor to shut-up. Past Doctors would have none of this, but the Doctor does tell her to listen to him at one point.

In all case, the story is still entertaining and fun to listen to. Capaldi plays the Doctor rightfully, a good portion of seriousness and still keeps his funny side. The episode might feel a bit all over the place and can feel disappointing in the leniency, but with a more spooky theme you can still enjoy it with no problem.

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