Bojack Horseman is a new Netflix original recently released and offers funny voice acting in the lights of Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Aaron Paul, Paul F. Tompkins and more.

Bojack is set in a world where human and human-like animals live in unity, or close enough if they can get along. Our lead character, voiced by Will Arnett, is Bojack Horseman. Bojack is of course a horse but further more he is an ex 90’s actor on a sitcom by the name of Horsin’ Around. Since the end of his show, BJ lives his life on the party with his not-sure-why-he’s-still-here roommate Todd, voiced by Aaron Paul. Also in the mix is his girlfriend/not-girlfriend Princess Carolyn voiced by Amy Sedaris.

After learning a bit more about our lead character, we realized that he is still living off his fame, which is only inflated by himself because nobody else cares. As we also learn moving on in the season is that he’s working on an autobiography which for a while now had nothing written yet. He is forced to get a shadow writer(Diane Nguyen voiced by Alison Brie) and funny events happen from there.

He is accompanied by a wide range of human-like animals with stereotypical animal behaviors in the range of dogs hating mailman but in cars, and other situations like this. There is also references to animal named businesses they poke fun at which gave me a good chuckle. Bojack himself acts exactly like what we think actors are like.

Todd is a good supporting character. He makes you feel a range of emotions like feeling bad for him and he’s able to make you laugh at his problems. He always gets in awkward situations and Bojack is almost always on the receiving end of the consequences of Todd actions. In any case, Todd is always a great addition to any seen and always break the stressful scenes.

We also have Princess Carolyn which is also Bojack’s agent. She tries so hard to get Bojack some work but no one want to hire a washed up actor from the 90’s, and she probably doesn’t care that much unless it’s going to make her some money. She’s hilarious and always on Bojack’s case which is always a good time.

Another interesting character which Bojack could probably live without is Mr. Peanutbutter(voiced by Paul F. Tompkins). Himself having been an sitcom actor, he tries be-friend Bojack but with no avail. Tompkins plays a fantastic role and makes his character work in every situation.

Bojack Horseman hits every social references it goes for using awkward jokes and situations. The show delivers a type of comedy that is not for everybody but does it fantastically. The first full season of Bojack Horseman is available now on Netflix and is worth the watch.

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