Time for another tales of thy olde doctor! Ok, my old timely grammar is not that great, but Robin Hood shows us how you really do it in our third episode of the season named “Robot of Sherwood”.

This time, it’s Clara that has the final say as-to where they are going next. She decides to visit her favorite legend by the name of Robin Hood. The Doctor in this case is not convinced that he existed but gives it a try anyway. They travel to the early 12th century and happen to land right at Robin’s feet. As the story progress, we come to understand the troubles that plague the land and leads the Doctor, Clara and Robin to solve the mystery.

This episode, like the last one, was interesting to watch. This one had many jokes and punt which didn’t fall flat. At the beginning, we have the Doctor trying to see if Robin and his friends are real and the way he tried to determent if they are is amusing. Yet again, we get a great view at what the Doctor will be and Peter Capaldi is really shining bright again in this episode. Also, Clara has a more interesting role and I personally think she played it well. I don’t remember Robin Hood stories but I really like the story that we are given here. It is at the same time corky and interesting.

As i said, this episode still show what kind of influence our new Doctor will have and will be greatly loved by Doctor Who fans. Really like this one again and you should watch it too.

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