Played on: PS4*
Available on: PS4
Released On: August 27th, 2014
Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Genres: Action-Adventure, Open World
ESRB: T – Teen
Modes: Singleplayer, Leaderboards
Distribution: Disc, Download


*Review copy was bought by the author*

Infamous Second Son was released earlier this year and was loved by everybody. Two weeks ago, we got a prequel by the name of Infamous First Light which gives us another approach to the Second Son story.


We get a closer look at Fetch and what happened to her before Secon Son
We get a closer look at Fetch and what happened to her before Second Son

You play as Abigail Walker aka Fetch, she is one of the escapee from Curdun Cay in Second Son. I would say that you could play this before the main game, but to get a full understanding, you might want to play it before. Also, a good fact about First Light is that you do not need Second Son to play it. Back to the story, you experience Fetch’s life a couple years prior the events of Second Son. You start off helping your brother Brent in a exchange and then everything goes downhill from there.


If you played Second Son, You won’t see a different here, more of the same which is great. You still get 60fps and you get the possibility to lock it a 30fps. You also have camera mode to make awesome pictures and share with your friends.


First Light plays a lot like its predecessor but also bring new gaming aspect to the table. The first one will discuss is the powers. You would think that since neon power is one also used in Second Son it would be the same gig, but it isn’t. Fetch offers us a new set of abilities like melee finisher, the ability to see enemies behind wall and many more. Also, you get a very satisfying ultimate power after you accumulated enough enemy from knockouts called Neon Singularity.

Another nice new upgrade to the game are the neon clouds. These are scattered around the world and gives you a speed boost while traversing in dash mode. They come in handy during lumens races around the city, but also available during normal free roam.

Looking at the upgrades possibilities, they expand more than in Second Son. Neon bolts can get stronger and faster, melee attacks are greater in strength and more throughout your playthrough. There’s a wide selection of other attacks that are new and reassemble Delsin’s powers, but I’ll let you discover them for yourself. To get upgrades, you must collect SP points to buy them. You get these points multiple ways: by collecting lumens which are like shards, completing challenges, tagging and a couple more ways.


Arena mode is new to First Light. You can also play with Delsin if you own Second Son.
Arena mode is new to First Light. You can also play with Delsin if you own Second Son.

A great new feature in First Light is Arena Mode. It lets you either play survival: waves and waves of enemy until you heart can’t no longer play, and rescue: save the hostages from thugs until you get 5 dead hostages or you die. If you own Second Son, You can also play in the arena with Delsin.

Challenges were also added to the mix which can be done in either free roam or arena. Each area has there own set of challenges to accomplish, but most are general ones available in every mode.


One of the hardness things to do in this review is to give my opinion on the music, because there isn’t really any. If there is, it’s very low in the background.
There is credits for the music but honestly it’s really not shown off.


First Light definitely lives up to its predecessor. With upgraded neon powers and arena mode, it gives you another approach to the infamous universe and hours of extra fun. If you loved Second Son, this one will also be your cup of tea.





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