Strolling down my Netflix feed, I finally decided to watch The Expendables 2. Believe me when I tell you, It doesn’t run out of action, at all.

From beginning to end, this story is non-stop action and filled with big actors, like the first one but even more. The general story for Expendables 2 is pretty much like you would expect: They do one la job for someone, something happens and they get revenge. OK, I’m making it sound a bit basic, but the story is still good.

Acting wise, everybody does a good job, but let’s just say they’ve all done better movies. Some jokes are good, some not so much. They reference to each others famous lines from there most popular movies and they over used some of them. Also, I did felt that some lines were a bit forced.

The movie uses a lot of special effects as you would expect. Lots of explosions, cars chases, firepower and a good old classic. I let you find out for yourself what it is.

If you like action packed movies with over done action and corky joke, this is for you. Please do keep in mind that you should go in watching this movie with no expectation. I personally liked it even I’d it sounded that I didn’t. I recommend it.

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