Here we go again with another instalment of Doctor Who. this episode is appropriately named Into The Dalek.

Just before we start, I have to say I enjoy the new title sequence. It makes it seem that we will deal with an angrier Doctor than the past ones, but that is just a feeling I personally have. Also, the mechanical aspect is a nice touch. Before the title sequence begins, we see the Doctor have an encounter we, you guest it, a Dalek and by the look on his face, he is definitely not amused but that doesn’t last too long. Also, wee see Clara a bit more toned down in this episode. Right from the beginning, we understand that the Doctor is going to be fighting his demons probably a good part or all of this season.

Watching this episode, I’m really starting to like our new Doctor. I don’t know if it’s the accent or he seems more focus than the prevision incarnation. He’s really cleaner in his approach that the previous episode. Having said that, He still has a nice kookiness to him which is quite pleasing. We see close to the end of this episode a connection to the last one which leads us to believe that Missy will play an important part to this story arc.

I personally really like the story of this episode, probably in my top 10. It’s really different from past episodes and makes you see Daleks in a different light. A must see.

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