Bill Burr leave nobody behind in this hour-long stand-up. I’ve listen to him before and I was very impressed with his style of comedy. Taking an opinion-like style of comedy, he is able to make you laugh at any situation.

He is outstanding in his approach to a certain subject. He will bluntly give his opinion on a subject which to bystanders might seem kind of crazy but he’s able to make you see in his light. He hits every subject from babies to banks to even suicide. Now please, before you think its inappropriate, watch the show. Just the way he delivers the topics and gets his point across is like no other.

Burr leaves no one indifferent. He is provocative, straight-forward and blunt. He thinks out loud what we think in our head and takes it to another level. If you like this style of stand-up, Bill Burr’s Let It Go stand-up hour is for you.

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