At last, the doctor is in! The long awaited season 8 premiere has finally arrived and with a new doctor who joins Clara in the first episode named “Deep Breath”.

The main plot of this episode is of course the regeneration of the Doctor. There is also a back story about cyborgs, not to be confused with the cybermen. We start off the episode with a dinosaur in downtown London set in the Victorian era. We find out not too long after that he came to this timeline because, you might have guessed it, the Tardis. This is Mr. Peter Capaldi’s first full episode of his incarnation as the Doctor.

When we are introduced to Capaldi, he seems on the verge of madness which he plays well except, I find, quite difficult to understand what he is saying. If that was the intention, I don’t know but let’s keep in mind that he is still suffering from the regeneration process and is trying find himself.

The episode kept me entertained and I can wait to see what Mr. Capaldi has to offer. I will definitely recommend it.

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